Sunday, January 6, 2013

Season End Owner Awards

Season 24 is almost in the books and so we come to the time for Manager/Owner awards. This season the winners are commissioner chosen but if there are any disagreements feel free to respond.

Manager of the Year

After several smart free agent signings before the season started and then some shrewd moves during the season this owner managed to improve his team's performance by 14 games and return to the WS for the first time in twelve seasons. Congratulations on a fantastic season.

Colorado Rocky Mountain High (NL)
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Dynasty Award

This award is new this season and goes to without question the most successful owner in FizWorld. His accomplishments include 16 consecutive appearances in the playoffs and 4 World Series titles along the way.Even more impressive is the string of 100+ win seasons that has now reached 11 of the past 12 seasons. Congratulations to

Minnesota North Stars (AL)
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Bad Mojo

And finally the award everyone wants to win in an effort to recognize an outstanding season followed by a forgetable playoff performance. Sadly the first two winners of this award once again had great seasons and then faltered once the playoffs began, but each of these owners was outdone by one team. Three consecutive seasons with a .600 winning percentage and dominance in a division that used to be known for barely playing .500 ball. Last season's World Series winner and this year's BM Award winner goes to

Jackson Five I Mean Nine (NL)
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Congratulations to all the Owner Award winners!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

3000 Hit Club

Often considered the benchmark for elite hitters and a certain nomination for the Hall of Fame, 3000 hits seems to be one of the more elusive marks here in FizWorld. Here is a quick look at the top hit makers in our world. This exclusive group has one startling trend at the top... 3422 (active) 3363 3159 3123 3015
Oh So Close 2939
Just to highlight how good these hitters are in comparison to the rest of the league, the next closest group are all around the 2500 hit mark and most of them are now retired! These players deserve some serious Hall of Fame consideration.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Season 23 Post Season Awards

A little late getting this out so as we head into Spring Training for season 24 let's take a moment to look back at the top performers of season 23.

Manager of the Year

The second season for this award brings recognition to a different pair of owners for their accomplishments during the season. GrandWiz and the Rochester Red Wings won honors in the NL while thebug715 and the Trenton Politicians earned the AL award. Congratulations to both owners for outstanding seasons


Kennie Walter rode a 59 HR/163 RBI season to winning the award in the AL while Felipe Sanchez used power and a .345 average to lead the NL vote getters. Could Sanchez have been the reason for the Red wIngs turn around in season 23?

Cy Young

Norberto Ortiz earned his third CY award and first in 8 seasons while dominating in the NL. Meanwhile, over in the AL Vance Randall was also picking up his third CY and second consecutive award in an effort to establish himself as one of the dominant pitchers in FizWorld history.

Fireman Award

Two closers looking to become the go to man out of the pen for years to come both won their second straight Fireman Awards with Jay Saturria winning again in the AL and Harry Sardinha in the NL

Rookie of the Year

In the American League Manuel Rodriguez showed that it doesn't take a bat to make a star as this young relief pitcher managed 10 wins and 6 saves in a set up role for the WS runners up from Pittsburgh. Over in the NL a speedy CF named Claude Quantrill set a new single season SB record en route to becoming the top freshman in that league

Congratulations to all of Season 23's award winners!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bad Mojo Award Season 23

Last season I started the award for playoff futility despite a great regular season. POKEYSAN won that first award after winning his division again and then losing in the first round of the playoffs. Well, POKEY managed to repeat that feat again this season but no BM award for him this time around. This season's award goes to a far more distinguished owner as he managed to finish with the best record in the league and 110 wins and then proceeded to "crap out" in his first round of the playoffs losing in a three game sweep and giving up 41 runs in the process. Congratulations to this season's BM winner..... langer1979.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I need to take a quick minute to apologize to the league and anyone else who might have read this blog for my lack of activity during the most recent season. My summer became a little busier than I expected and that left this as the one thing that could be ignored. I will begin the blog anew with our end of season awards and then begin to update more frequently after that.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Season 22 Post Season Awards

With the start of the World Series comes the final tally for the year end awards. Some of the voting was very close while other races were no contest. Without further ado I present the Season 22 Award winners.

Manager of the Year

We stared this one new with this season to highlight accomplishments by the owners in guiding their franchise through the gauntlet. The vote in the AL required a reluctant vote from one owner to break the tie while the NL winner seems to have been a no brainer pick. In the NL the near unanimous winner was Jackson Five I Mean Nine owner RoyalOkie while in the AL dsuhornets and the Dover Buzzkill took top honors. Congratulations to both out inagural winners of this award.


Both leagues had clear cut winners for this award. With 46 home runs and a .321 average Hector Aquino took the AL honors while Dicky Takada rode a 49 home run, 140 RBI season to the NL award.

Cy Young

Vance Randall led an AL field that included 2 other Flasher hurlers but in the end was the overwhelming choice of the league owners as the only 20 game winner in season 22. In the NL the race was a little closer with a starter and a closer fighting it out for the award. In the end 18 wins and an OAV of .211 carried Jose Tejada the winner's circle.

Rookie of the Year

Power hitters won out over pitchers in two close votes for first year star honors. In the AL a 22 year old slugger from Pittsburgh, Julio Astacio blasted 31 home runs to take the AL award. Not to be outdone Walt Knoblauch from across the state in Philadelphia slammed 50 round trippers en route to the NL award. Great showing for the Commonwealth!


Both of the top closer also finished second in teh Cy Young voting in their respective league. AL winner Jay Saturria saved 47 games to win his first award while NL champ Harry Sardinha was perfect in his first 42 save opportunities on the way to a season total of 46.

Batting Champs

ERA Champs

Stolen Base Leaders

Congratulations to all the winners.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bad Mojo

This league has some of the most dedicated and long term owners of any of the leagues I have been involved with. One of those owners joined the league in season 2 and since that time has been nothing but spectacular. With 2041 and 21 consecutive division championships, POKEYSAN has done just what the name of the game intends, he has built a dynasty. But one thing has escpaped the clutches of this outstanding owner, a league championship and World Series visit. Depsite all the success during the regular season his teams have had the worst kind of playoff luck. In honor of POKEYSAN's accomplishments as an owner FizWorld will institute the Bad Mojo Award (or BM for short) with POKEYSAN being the honorary first recipient. This award will be presented each season to the owner who has the team that performs great during the season and then flushes it all away in the first round of the playoffs. In our league of jinxes hopefully this one will act the opposite for the proze winners.
Congratulations POKEYSAN on being the winner of the initial BM Award!