Thursday, April 26, 2012

500 Home Run Club

Going to start our milestone page with the power hitters because, Chicks dig the long ball! We had something of an affensive explosion in the early seasons and thus have a large number of player who have achieved this standard, so much so that 600 is almost the new 500 for Fiz World. Anyway, here are the guys who thrilled fans with towering drives that cleared the bases. 849 (active) 761 (active) 705 705 (HOF) 661 648 (HOF) 641 (active) 639 (HOF) 620 (active) 610 (active) 607 (active) 587 (HOF) 586 571 (active) 569 (active) 564 (HOF) 561 (active) 554 551 (HOF) 543 (active) 542 (active) 530 (active) 525 523 523 (active) 514 509 506 (HOF) 504 502 And more to come.....

Monday, April 23, 2012


With 21 seasons completed the time has come to start assembling the lists of those players who have reached the milestones of 3000 hits, 500 HR, 200 wins, and 300 saves. If you want to see more added to this list please let me know and I will start the research. My thoughts are to possibly add SB, runs and strikeouts but I might also celebrate futility with most strikeouts by a batter, walks by a pitcher, etc. These will be career stats for now but I will also look into our single season records so we can start the stat watch for those as well should the need arise.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Race to 3000

Terrell Phillips
Age: 39B/T: R/R
Born: Rocky Mount, NC
Position(s): LF/CF
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Nashville's Terrell Phillips looks to be the next in line to join FizWorld's 3000 hit club currently sitting at 2993. A veteran starting his career in season 1 we have to ask how many more games to collect those last 7 hits and assure a first ballot election into the Hall of Fame?

Stat Watch

Looks like Roy Long has found his way to a major league roster with the SLC Beach Bums. Working as the mop up pitcher Long is trying to become the first 300 game winner in the history of FizWorld. Good luck Roy.....

First Pitch

Decided we could use a place to share information, talk about the league and generally enhance the experience of our owners. So hear we are at FizWorld News ready to take this world to the next level. My hope is to have something weekly but please bear with me if that doesn't always happen.