Sunday, January 6, 2013

Season End Owner Awards

Season 24 is almost in the books and so we come to the time for Manager/Owner awards. This season the winners are commissioner chosen but if there are any disagreements feel free to respond.

Manager of the Year

After several smart free agent signings before the season started and then some shrewd moves during the season this owner managed to improve his team's performance by 14 games and return to the WS for the first time in twelve seasons. Congratulations on a fantastic season.

Colorado Rocky Mountain High (NL)
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Dynasty Award

This award is new this season and goes to without question the most successful owner in FizWorld. His accomplishments include 16 consecutive appearances in the playoffs and 4 World Series titles along the way.Even more impressive is the string of 100+ win seasons that has now reached 11 of the past 12 seasons. Congratulations to

Minnesota North Stars (AL)
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Bad Mojo

And finally the award everyone wants to win in an effort to recognize an outstanding season followed by a forgetable playoff performance. Sadly the first two winners of this award once again had great seasons and then faltered once the playoffs began, but each of these owners was outdone by one team. Three consecutive seasons with a .600 winning percentage and dominance in a division that used to be known for barely playing .500 ball. Last season's World Series winner and this year's BM Award winner goes to

Jackson Five I Mean Nine (NL)
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Congratulations to all the Owner Award winners!!!!