Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bad Mojo

This league has some of the most dedicated and long term owners of any of the leagues I have been involved with. One of those owners joined the league in season 2 and since that time has been nothing but spectacular. With 2041 and 21 consecutive division championships, POKEYSAN has done just what the name of the game intends, he has built a dynasty. But one thing has escpaped the clutches of this outstanding owner, a league championship and World Series visit. Depsite all the success during the regular season his teams have had the worst kind of playoff luck. In honor of POKEYSAN's accomplishments as an owner FizWorld will institute the Bad Mojo Award (or BM for short) with POKEYSAN being the honorary first recipient. This award will be presented each season to the owner who has the team that performs great during the season and then flushes it all away in the first round of the playoffs. In our league of jinxes hopefully this one will act the opposite for the proze winners.
Congratulations POKEYSAN on being the winner of the initial BM Award!

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